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On the EC Agenda  行政局


Members' Proposals  議員提案

- Further Occidentalism in Councils

- For Long Politikas

- Night Securities

Order-in-Council 行政局令

- O2710(1) Modification to the Emergency Sanitary Order

- O2710(2) Recommendation to Honours

- O0111 Public Curfew Order

Press Release 公佈

(Certain Documents are yet to be released)

On the SC Agenda  參政局

Members' Bills 議員議案

(Certain Documents are yet to be released)

Government Bills 行政議案

- A8 Completion of Jurisdictions Act

- A5 Identity Act

- A4  General Clauses Act

- A3 Emergency Act

- A2 Application of Overseas Law Act

Documents 文件

- Standing Orders of the State Council

Enquiries  查詢


Contact  聯 絡

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